For those with limited mobility, or a high risk of injury, a barrier-free shower in Hamilton is an excellent solution. Especially for those who are elderly or with disabilities, installing a barrier-free shower is a great way to prevent unnecessary falls and injuries.

What is a barrier-free shower Hamilton?

A barrier-free shower doesn’t have a tub attachment, or anything to “get in to.” This makes entering and exiting the shower much safer. If you are remodeling your home for someone with limited mobility, a barrier-free shower is a must! Many unfortunate shower/bathing-related injuries can be prevented simply by installing a barrier-free shower!

What are other benefits to a barrier-free shower?

In addition to offering a safer bathing experience, a barrier-free shower offers design opportunities since the flooring and shower are on the same level. This means tiles and other materials may be used uniformly throughout the bathroom. Even if you don’t suffer from limited mobility, a barrier-free shower Hamilton can be a great way to renovate your bathroom.

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